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Meet Tara



My story was the never the same after I picked up a camera over 6 years ago. Together we have been across the world from births to weddings to third world countries, sharing in some of the most incredible moments of life. People ask me why I do what I do and this is my simple answer:

I love to celebrate, treasure, and showcase life.

For me, family is one of the most precious gifts we ever receive in our lifetime. It is both a honor and a joy to be able to welcome and celebrate your children and your family. I love photographing you as you are - the laughs, the goofiness, the messy hair - and giving you genuine, timeless photos that reflect your life. Newborns have a special place in my heart which is why I really take the time to make sure my photos reflect the absolutely adorable miracle you brought into this world.

I am not just a photographer. I am also an-almost wife, a sister, a daughter, and a passionate believer in the good in this world. I recognize my photography talents as a gift, and a gift is meant to be given. In 2012, I founded Project R12, a 501c3 non-profit that believes in supporting LIFE through Health, Education, and Faith in rural communities across the world. In your honor, a donation will be made to a LIFE Project of your choice to impact the lives of children and families in Uganda. Every single TSP session will bring smiles not only here but in Uganda too.

Tara's love for what she does goes far beyond the lens.
It's a love for life, a celebration of a heart beat, and a passion to
share the genuine beauty of who you are.